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Dear Parents, Boosters, Alumni and Friends of Armstrong State Athletics, 

As dedicated parents, alumni, fans and boosters, we appreciate your support of our student-athletes as they pursue their degree while participating in a high level of intercollegiate athletics. 
Our goal in the compliance office is enforce and monitor all NCAA, PBC and institutional policies while providing education to our student-athletes, coaches, staff, alumni and friends of Armstrong athletics. I hope this guide provides information that will be helpful to you. 
Please "Ask before you Act"! You can affect a student-athlete's eligibility with just one act of kindness! Remember, once you are a booster, you remain a booster for life! 
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question regarding NCAA rules! 

Go Pirates!! 

Lisa Sweany
Athletic Director, Armstrong State University


You are a representative of Athletics Interest or a Booster if you:
1. Have ever or are currently a member of an organization promoting Armstrong State athletics
2. Have ever made a financial contribution to Armstrong State athletics or the Pirate Athletic Association 
(booster club).
3. Have ever assisted or been requested (by Armstrong State athletic department staff members) to assist in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete
4. Have ever assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families (including 
arranging employment for student-athletes, prospects or their families)
5. Have ever participated in Armstrong State athletics

Remember, once you become a Representative of Athletics Interest, you retain this status FOREVER!


An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the 
institution's athletics interests to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. 
Examples of Extra Benefits include:
• Gifts, money, loans
• Tickets to professional, collegiate or community events
• Use of automobile
• Providing a free or reduced cost for a service or product
• Providing a special discount or credit on a purchase


A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade. In addition, a student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospective student-athlete, if the institution provides such an individual (or the individual's relatives or friends) any financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally. 
The NCAA has guidelines for boosters pertaining to the recruitment of prospects for Armstrong State. Only certified Armstrong State coaches are permitted to recruit for Armstrong State. 

As a booster, alumni or friend of Armstrong State you are permitted to do the following:
• Contact the Armstrong State Athletic department about a prospective student-athlete
• Attend an event involving prospects as long as no recruitment occurs

As a booster, alumni or friend of Armstrong State , you are not permitted to do the following:
• Contact a prospect or their relatives for the purpose of recruiting
• Provide a prospect, their relatives, friends or coaches with any benefits


A student-athlete is a student who is enrolled at Armstrong State and is participating in athletics or has completed their eligibility but is still enrolled at Armstrong State. The NCAA has guidelines that outline what you can and can't proivde
• You may provide an occasional meal for a student-athlete or the entire team provided the meal 
occurs in your home (as opposed to a restaurant). Please contact the compliance office prior to 
providing a meal to a student-athlete or a team.
• You may not provide special discounts or credit on a purchase (airline ticket, clothing) or a service 
• You may not provide free or reduced-cost services for any professional service to a student-athlete, unless such services are also available to the student body in general. 
• You may not provide services (movie tickets, dinners, use of car, tickets to professional athletics 
contests) from commercial agencies without charge or at a reduced rate to a student-athlete, unless such services are also available to the student body in general. 
• You may not loan money, guarantee a bond, provide an automobile or the use of an automobile, or provide transportation to a student-athlete. 
• You may not use a student-athlete’s name or picture to endorse, advertise or recommend a 
commercial product or service of any kind.


As a booster, alumni or friend of Armstrong State, you are permitted to employ a current student of Armstrong under the following conditions:

• The student-athlete is compensated only for work actually preformed.
• The student-athlete is compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in that locality for similar services.
• You do not use the athletics reputation of a student-athlete employee to promote the sale of your product or service.


We appreciate your support and commitment to following NCAA guidelines. Violations of NCAA rules may result in the loss of eligibility of prospective or current student-athletes. If you have questions regarding any NCAA rules, please contact the Athletic Department. 

Remember, Ask before you Act! 

Lisa Sweany, Director of Athletics: (912) 344-2730
Jennifer Rushton, Associate AD for Compliance/SWA: (912) 344-3368
Harold Watson, Assistant AD for Marketing & Promotions: (912) 344-3236
Adam Tom, Assistant AD for Facilities and Game Operations: (912) 344-3052
Chad Jackson, Director of Sports Communications: (912) 344-3114
Will Lynch, Faculty Athletics Representative: (912) 344-3144
Ken Tessier, Head Athletic Trainer: (912) 344-2866